LG Batteries

The No. 1 Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Company in the World

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LG Batteries

The No. 1 Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Company in the World

The LG Energy Storage System (ESS) stores electric energy and utilize them for later consumption. It is purposed to improve energy efficiency, by enhancing the quality of renewable energy that results stabilization of power supply system. LG Chem provides most optimal energy solution for the users using our state-of-the-art energy storage system with a long lifespan and a top-notch quality.

Compact Size & Easy Installation

The compact and lightweight nature of the RESU is world-class. It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.

Powerful Performance

The new RESU series features industry-leading continuous power (4.2kW for RESU6.5) and DC round-trip efficiency (95%). LG Chem's L&S (Lamination & Stacking) technology provides durability ensuring 80% of capacity retention after 10 years.

Proven Safety

LG Chem places the highest priority on safety and utilizes the same technology for its ESS products that has a proven safety record in its automotive battery. All products are fully certified in relevant global standard

Product Range

Total Energy (kWh) 3.3 6.5 9.8 7.0 9.8
Usable Energy (kWh) 2.9 5.9 8.8 6.6 9.3
Capacity (Ah) 63 126 189 63 63
Nominal Voltage (V) 51.8 51.8 51.8 - -
Voltage Range (V) 42.0 - 58.8 42.0 - 58.8 42.0 - 58.8 350 - 450 350 - 450
Max Power (kW) 3.0 4.2 5.0 5.0 5.0
Peak Power (kW) 3.3 (for 3 sec) 4.2 (for 3 sec) 5.0 (for 3 sec) 5.0 (for 10 sec) 7.0 (for 10 sec)
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 452 x 401 x 120 452 x 654 x 120 452 x 483 x 227 744 x 692 x 206 744 x 907 x 206
Weight (kg) 31 52 75 76 97
Enclosure Protection Rating IP55 IP55 IP55 IP55 IP55
Communication CAN 2.0B CAN 2.0B CAN 2.0B RS485 CAN 2.0B, RS485

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