Richmond Football Club

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Richmond Football Club

  • Panel type: Yingli 250 Watt x 399
  • Microinverter type: Enphase M215 x 399
  • Yearly energy generation: 136,950 kWh
  • CO2 saving per year: 61,008 kgCO2
  • Installation Time: 20 days

‘Environmentally sustainable’ – the main request from Richmond Football Club (RFC) when approaching Metro Solar regarding the installation of solar PV panels at their stadium grounds on Punt Road Melbourne.

In partnership with Richmond, Metro Solar developed a solution to allow the efficient installation of a 399-panel solar system across the entirety of their site office buildings and eye catching main building.

With the building at full capacity most days, onsite swimming pool, industrial air conditioning systems and office electrical requirements; a system was required to fully integrate into the energy requirements of the building aiming to reduce their electrical network reliance and help boost their new ‘green sustainable’ image. Richmond CEO, Brendon Gale states, “Metro Solar helped the club develop a solar solution to meet the club’s energy consumption and exploit the roof’s energy potential”.

Metro Solar’s proposal ultimately had to be approved by the Board of Directors and CEO as well as the normal permitting authorities. To ensure the proposal was financially sound, it was put through two independent consultants who assessed the cost savings versus the initial outlay. The proposal stacked up very well by both consultants, which made it easy for the Board and CEO to approve.

See the live generation information of the RFC Solar system at the Enphase public page - click here.


ME Bank Building Richmond VIC

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