The Complete SolarEdge Solution

The SolarEdge Smart Energy Management solution integrates solar energy production with battery storage and home automation, all under the control of a single SolarEdge solar inverter. The SolarEdge DC-optimised system provides substantial benefits including more solar power, higher system monitoring, and advanced safety features

Power Optimizer

Connects to each solar panel on your roof enabling them to perform independently, providing greater energy production, enhanced safety and constant information from each panel.


The engine of the PV system the inverter efficiently collects and converts DC energy from the solar panels for use in your home or business. Ideal for indoor or outdoor installations, it manages battery, system energy and backup power.


Store unused solar energy directly into a compatible, high power DC batteries from LG Chem to maximise your energy independence, lower your electricity bills and provide back up power. StorEdge is a DC coupled solution enabling higher system efficiency.


Use SolarEdge free, online monitoring platform to view your system’s real-time performance data and receive system alerts. Easy access from mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Home Automation

Increase your solar energy usage with SolarEdge’s smart devices. Utilize excess PV production to power heat pumps, hot water boilers, lighting or other typical appliances. Enjoy greater convenience with automatic, on-the-go control of your devices.

Some of the key benefits with SolarEdge

More Energy from the Sun

Each Solar panel has an individual power threshold. Differences between panels introduce power losses and can lead to underperformance of the entire system. SolarEdge, unlike traditional systems, maximize the energy output of each panel, eliminating power losses due to soiling, leaves, shading, or other factors. More power = lower electricity bills.

Exception Safety

SolarEdge’s SafeDC feature is designed to reduce the set of panels to be a safe voltage upon grid or inverter shutdown, offering more protection to installers, firefighters, and your home.

More Aesthetics Rooftops

SolarEdge enables optimal use of your rooftop, resulting in a more aesthetics design, for more energy and more savings. Mix and match panel types to easily expand your system later.

Full System Monitoring

Get free real-time visibility into the performance of each panel in your solar array. SolarEdge’s monitoring platform is accessible from your computer or mobile, anytime, anywhere.

Best in Class Warranties

SolarEdge products are built for long-term performance, with industry-leading warranties of 25 years for SolarEdge optimizers and 12 years for inverters (extended to 20 or 25 years at an additional cost). Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind.