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We use the highest quality components, cutting-edge technology and advanced monitoring software to create tailored solar energy solutions for every Metro Solar customer, from homeowners and small businesses to large corporations and community organisations. And unlike our competitors, we run real-time tests on all our products before installation begins.

Australia's largest Enphase installer
Top 50 of global Enphase installers for 2015


The Metro Solar engineering team employs Enphase AC microinverters for all residential and commercial installations, making us the largest Enphase partner in Australia. Renowned for their reliability and efficiency, all Enphase systems come with a 15-year performance guarantee.

  • Higher energy production than leading string and DC-optimised string inverters
  • Increased safety through use of only low-voltage DC and standard AC
  • Only 4th generation micro inverter on the market
  • More cost effective than string inverters
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Streamlined design and industry-leading quality
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Traditional Solar Panels

Microinverter Solar Panels

Traditional DC string inverters are wired in series, which means that if one panel goes offline, all energy production stops. However, Metro Solar's AC microinverters work independently, minimising downtime, improving efficiency, and raising energy generation by up to 20%. Metro Solar systems are also battery compatible and ready for the rollout of Enphase's breakthrough battery technology, available in 2016.


In order to provide you with the most energy efficient and reliable solar panels on the market, our engineering team undertakes rigorous testing before approving any product for sale.

All panels used in Metro Solar systems:

  • Are tested for durability and reliability
  • Come with a 25-year warranty
  • Do not even need full sunlight to operate
  • Are salt and corrosion tested

Brands we trust include:


Battery storage for solar energy is a rapidly emerging technology and will be available in the Australian market in 2016. Talk to our solar experts today about Enphase’s new AC battery. Find out how you can store the electricity you generate during sunlight hours to use at night, freeing you from reliance on the grid. Be an early adopter to make a positive impact on the environment and experience complete energy independence.

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Monitoring Technology

Make your home a smart home with Metro Solar’s Power Tracker software. Manage your energy usage in real-time online or on mobile, run maintenance diagnostics, and identify inefficient power use.

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