The Solar Victoria rebate and Loan are reducing July 1st 2020

Victorian homeowners can receive a point of sale discount of up to $1,850 and a solar interest free loan of up to $1,850 from Solar Victoria and the balance through Brighte when they install a solar system through Metro Solar

Hurry, with the current Australian dollar exchange rate, solar system prices will need to go up shortly. Act today and get one of our most popular solar systems on your roof for only $0 up front.

Option 1

20 Systems only

6.6kW System
20 x 330W Solar Modules
1 x Inverter 10-year warranty
Fully installed standard installation

ONLY $0*

$33.40 P/W Interest-free

Option 2

20 Systems only

6.65kW Microinverter System
19 x 350W Solar Modules
19 x Microinverter 10-year warranty
Full Solar Monitoring System
Fully installed standard installation

ONLY $0*

$68.00 P/W Interest-free

Price includes GST and all applicable state and federal discounts, rebates and financial incentives. Base on a standard single storey install, tile or tin roof, less than 50km from CBD for respective state of install. Pricing assumes the eligibility of both the Solar Victoria rebate and the interest payment plan over 4 years. $9.08 per week supplied by solar victoria is $1,850 over 4 years, also the balance would be a interest free payment plan with Brighte. Click here full terms and conditionsClick here for more information on eligablility for Solar Victoria rebate,